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Chevening Scholarship: Day out with Navneet

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<p>Career Transition is a breeze with Chevening Scholarship!</p>


"For many of the students from middle-class families in India, it seems like a distant dream studying in the IVY league institutes of the world" writes Navneet. “Am I good enough? People who go there have such a good profile and have done some amazing work in wonderful organizations” These are nothing but the tricks your brain pulls to keep you complacent and resist the status quo writes Navneet.

We are proud to nominate Navneet Bhatt, as our next rising "Paryavaran Star". He received the prestigious Chevening scholarship Awards for the year 2020-21. Learn from him about Chevening Scholarship and how it can supercharge your career and take it to the next level for maximum impact!


What is Chevening Scholarship?

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What is Chevening Scholarship?

Chevening Official Website

Career Masterclass by Navneet Bhatt

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About Navneet

Masterclass by Navneet Bhatt: Chevening Scholarship

Youtube Resource for Essay Writing

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