Career in Wildlife: Day out with Dr. Satya Sinha

Career in the Wild!

Instructors: Dr. Satya SinhaLanguage: English

About the course

Dr. Satya Sinha's association with mountaineering and wildlife began in 1976 which is becoming even stronger as the days pass by. From 1980/85, he was totally lost in the Gir forest in the company of lions, leopards and maldharis! From 1986-87, he was in Laddakh in search of snow leopards. From 1987- 2002, he was associated with the Rhino Reintroduction program in Dudhwa NP/WLS.

Dr. Sinha was instrumental in the rediscovery of Swamp Deer in Jhilmil Jheel in Uttarakhand and worked diligently with Forest Officers to get it declared as a conservation reserve!

He is a towering figure in environmental impact assessment studies specializing in wildlife conservation with interest in eco-tourism studies.

Indian Environment Network is proud to have him as our next "paryavaran star"!  Watch his interview and decide whether you would like to take up "Wildlife" as your chosen career field!

Please request a one-on-one mentorship session if you want to learn from him in a Live Class. Email us at .


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